My name is Elena Marie Acquisto-Treaster, D.C., M.S.A.C.N, C.N.S.  I am a licensed chiropractor and a “Certified Nutrition Specialist”SM professional.  In 2010, while in chiropractic school, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  I was devastated and felt my world had crumbled down around me.  There is nothing more frightening than being told you have cancer and wondering what effect such a diagnosis will have on your life.  As time passed and I received treatment, I began to view my experience as a positive rather than a negative.  I realized how fortunate I was to have the support of friends and family.  This experience taught me how I want to treat my patients and what patients are going through as they face this difficult challenge.  In addition I want to use my experience to bring awareness to my fellow chiropractors how important it is to perform thyroid exams on our patients.  In my opinion, as chiropractors we are not just back doctors.  We are clinicians who must take our patients’ whole health into consideration.

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